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About Happy Children Crew



I am a mother, wife, pedagogue…. Also, I am a woman who likes running on wet grass, rolling in the snow, making sand towers… Many of that stuff remained deep in my memories, experience and emotions. That childhood memory takes me over when I see a child play. It whispers to me when I talk with kids and makes me compassionate when seeing that they are sad. Also, helps me to understand kids, to feel their emotions and needs. Gives me courage, knowledge and perseverance to fight for a happy childhood of every child.


I am not alone…. I have the support of a huge number of my associates, my friends. We want to share knowledge, experience, emotions about parenting and childhood with you.

If you have suggestions or questions, be free to contact us. Also, if you have some parental problem, ask us for help. We want to achieve our goals together. Our goals are a happy life for our children, your children and every child in the world.



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