The Children’s Happiness Guide

Happy children are those which births make someone happy. They have virtues and imperfections, but they are adored just they are.

Happy children are those which needs are satisfied. When they are sick, they aren't alone. They always have someone to take care of them and teach them to take care of themselves.

Happy children aren't constantly happy. They can be scared, angry, sad,... But, they always have someone to share their emotions, someone who encourage them to confront fears and problems.

Happy children are curious children. Their motivation comes from the soul, free to develop and grow. Happy children have leisure time for playing, enjoying nature, discovering the world. They improve their knowledge, personality, independence, and they aren't alone. They have someone who is happy and proud because of their accomplishments and who works on self-fulfilling to be a better model to them.

Happy children are surrounded by other children, their brothers, sisters, friends,... They grow and develop together, through joint plays and adventures. Between themselves, their share love, secrets. support, but sometimes sadness and anger. They share experience, happiness and childhoods.

Happy children need love, receive love and give love. They dream about love and they aren't afraid to reach it in the real world. They know that they aren't alone. There is always someone to encourage them, love them and makes them happy.

Happy children always have someone who loves and cares for them, who encourages them to meet the world and to change it. They have someone who leads them to a right way, to happiness. So, like that someone, happy children become happy people and create happy children.
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