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The Baby Sleeping Schedule

baby sleep schedule

How to use The Baby Sleeping Schedule?

Use this Baby Sleeping Schedule for at least 7 days. Record the child’s activities on it as follows:

  • Mark the phases of sleep with a straight line.
  • The phases of wakefulness are unmarked fields.
  • Mark the plot with a curved line.
  • Mark meals with a triangle.

Why you should use The Baby sleeping schedule?

You will probably notice a certain daily routine in your baby after a just few days of scheduling: similar sleep time and sleep duration, similar mealtime,… Getting to know a baby’s needs is the main reason why you should use this schedule. That will help you to establish a baby daily routine without forcibly imposing activities.

Babies should not be forced to sleep or eat. They will fall asleep when they are asleep or cry when they are hungry. Therefore, pre-made activity schedules are not adequate in working with babies. But, to establish a routine in the baby’s life according to their needs and features is certainly right. In this way, we provide numerous benefits for the baby’s development. Also, we will facilitate the organization of living together as well. For example, if we know at what time a baby usually feels the sleep need, we will be able to prepare the baby for sleep even before he/she becomes irritable. In this way, we will be able to include some other activities in a baby’s daily routine, such as bathing, reading a book, etc. and all in line with the baby’s primary needs.


If you need this schedule as a PDF file, download it.


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