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Kids Activities For Controlling Anger Issues

activities for controling anger

Children have all the emotions that an adult have; what is problematic about them is their intensity. Childhood is the most precious time period for an individual as it is the stage that shapes personality. As a parent, you must keep a close look at your child’s reaction towards different situations and how they deal with them. According to the therapists in Birmingham, anger, extreme rage, intolerance, and resentment are the most destructive emotions of all for a child. If not treated timely, they can lead to massive destruction in their lives if not treated timely.

It is tough for both children and parents to deal with the situation, but for the mental well-being of your family, you need to be mindful. Dealing with your child’s aggression in a healthy way has to be your priority. Here are some activities that can help your child to control the anger and other emotions that follow it.


Kids often lack the ability to verbalize and express their emotions eloquently; you will find this communication gap the most significant barrier. Locating the causes or places of anger or what can possibly trigger your child is challenging. It helps your kids to externalize their anger. You can take help from a therapist to study the pictures and locate the problem. Moreover, being able to express their emotions is quite a relief for a person. It helps them differentiate themselves from the actual cause of their behaviour. It helps them understand who they really are.

Emotional Thermometer

To solve a problem, you need to recognize it and name it. Anger, like any other emotion, is a human trait. However, the way it is often projected makes it a negative one. Helping your kid recognize their anger will enable them to deal with it rightly. You can either draw an emotional thermometer or download it from the internet and ask your kids to mark their level of emotions. This will make your child more self-aware, and they can learn to deal with the situation rather wisely.

Making a Safe Space for Kids

A corner in your house should be the go-to place for your kids to get comfortable while experiencing overwhelming emotions. It has to be the space that provides your kid with comfort and even allows them to manifest their anger instead of keeping it all in.

You can design the place accordingly; for example, use light and pastel hues to create a comfy vibe. Keep the lighting dull to bring on the relaxing mode instantly. Fill the place with stuffed toys, and make cozy seating arrangements. You can even try talking to your kids through their anger as they relax in their favourite corner of the house.

Trigger Tracking

Trigger tracking is an important way of finding the roots of anger. You can make a checklist of things that can possibly anger your child. If your child is grown, ask them to make a list themselves. Perhaps, you can help them get over this possible stimulation. You can teach them to overlook things and be inconsiderate of them.

The Bottom Line About Anger

One thing that you need to understand is that anger isn’t a destructive emotion altogether. It usually stems from vulnerable feelings or insecurity. Finding the basics and helping you get over it should be your priority. Be gentle and compassionate while you help them with it all!


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