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Ask For Help – You Are Not Alone!

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Nowadays, there are many pseudo-intellectuals who claim that they know everything about upbringing kids, so they offer guidance to parents as parents don’t know anything about that. They actually claim:

“You need me.”
“You don’t know anything. “
“I am smart. “
“I know best.”

In addition, many of them aren’t licensed professionals nor have parenting experience.
However, many of them are not malicious. They are just scared that you would do something extremely bad to your kids if they advise you to do what you feel that should. In the same way, the medical community makes pregnant women sick, although we all know that pregnancy is a natural and normal occurrence. And, this distrust in parents and confusion of unproven advice often creates insecurity in parents, damaging inborn confidence that all we had when we were putting our dolls to bed as kids. Also, that insecurity creates a real hassle for parents when their baby cries for refusing to sleep or when their kid has a tantrum in a public place.

Why are we different?

We admit that we don’t have all the answers about upbringing kids. No one has all the answers, and neither do we, although licensed counselors and experienced parents make our Happy Children Crew. But, we have the heart to worry, the will to help, and the patience to give our best. Also, we have confidence in you, in your parental love and intentions. Of course, we know that some people aren’t good parents. But, the fact that you are reading this post trying to solve some of your parenting problems, makes us believe that you are a good parent. So, if you need help because of some parenting problems, feel free to ask for help here. Believe us, we will not judge you or vilify you whatever your problem is. We will support you in finding a solution.

In the end, you make decisions, and we are only here to support you in decision-making!

Every child who grows up properly will ask for parental advice someday but then will do what thinks is best for him/her as a unique human being. We want you to do the same with our advice. Ask for help here, and we will try to find the right solution for you. In the end, of course, you will decide what is best for you and your child, and we believe that you will make the best decision. We know that every child and every parent is an individual for yourself and you certainly know your child and yourself better than we know you.

Our support is free!

Our support is free because we really want to help you, not to make money. We don’t make the difference between rich and poor parents. For us, all parents should have the right to parental support, regardless of their financial status. However, if you feel that we deserve financial help and you can afford it, you can donate it at any time. Any help is welcome!

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    4 thoughts on “Ask For Help – You Are Not Alone!

    1. I am very happy because I have discovered this support center. Now, I am dealing with my problem much easily with you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!

    2. Hello,
      At first, I didnt believe that these people will help me, especially because they do that for free. I sent a message and after some days, I received an amazing answer. They sent me advice with a useful explanation and help me so much! Thank you, people! God bless you!!!!

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