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What is healthy Food for Toddlers?

healthy food for toddlers

If you feeding a baby propriety during its first 12 months, then the toddler strengthened considerably for sure. You can expand the toddler’s menu now, but be careful what food and how much you give to them. Here is information about healthy food for toddlers which every parent should know.

Healthy food for toddlers implies fresh and easily digestible food only. Food should be still mushy, thicker over time and, most importantly for easier digestion, boiled enough

Food for toddlers that supplies warmth end energy

milk as healthy food for toddlersChoose healthy food for toddlers that supplies warmth and energy consumption what is unusually high in the second year. The healthy food for toddlers for creating warmth is that contains fat, like milk and dairy products (butter, cheese), as well as egg yolks. According to the mother’s wishes, a toddler can be breastfed and further, but up to 2 times a day. Yes, the milk is healthy for the toddlers, but don’t overdo it! Regardless what kind of milk child consumes (breast milk, cow, or some third), toddlers should not drink more than 500 to 700 ml of milk.

The toddlers are so merrily, therefore they need the food which ensures energy. For caring of energy consumed, the toddler needs carbohydrates. The main sources of carbohydrates are grains (millet, polenta, …) and all herbal foods (fruits and vegetables).

Food that supplies the proteins

The healthy food for toddlers implies the food which ensures the proteins also. This is important for the construction of new tissues. Otherwise, if the child doesn’t input a sufficient amount of protein, they may have harmful effects: numbness, muscle stiffness, non-resistance to infection, delay in growth. As we know, meat, eggs, milk and dairy products contain the most proteins in relation to other healthy food for toddlers.

Food that supplies mineral salts and vitamins

For the construction of new tissues and performing certain chemical processes in the organism, it is necessary to ensure the introduction of certain mineral salts. The healthy food for toddlers which provides mineral salts is milk, egg yolks and young liver.

heathy-food-for-toddlers-vitaminDOf course, along with all of these nutrients, shouldn’t leave out healthy food for toddlers that supply vitamins from the text. Vitamin intake is more important for toddlers than adults by reason of the toddler’s intense growth. The vegetables and fruit are healthy food which ensures vitamins and must be on toddlers menu every day. Of all vitamins, the special important are A, B, C, D. You should give to the toddler’s vitamin D and after they completing 1 year of life, but every day during the winter period.

During the meal, a toddler shouldn’t drink water. That can affect badly on the digestion and create a fake satiety in the child. Between meals, the child should drink water as much as possible, but limit the amount of juice, teas and milk.

Unhealthy food for toddlers

The unhealthy food for the toddlers is pork, sausages, orange cabbage, sour food, strong spices and alcoholic drinks. Also, it’s necessary to limit the intake of sweets and sweet drinks, but you shouldn’t forbid it. By forbidding, you will not learn to a toddler the right diet. On the contrary, what is forbidden is always sweeter! Teach your toddler what is healthy food and what isn’t by telling him interesting stories about fruit and vegetable. Tell it that the apple is healthier than chocolate, that bunnies like carrots, that children who eat vegetable and fruit grow and strengthen,… What’s more important, don’t talk only, give examples to the child also! When you want to taste something sweet, chop lots of fruit and get enjoy in flavours in front of the child. It is very likely that it will join you.

What if a child is allergic to some healthy food?

mums give a baby healthy foodIt happens that some children don’t handle certain foods. Entering the smallest quantities, they react with vomiting, pain in the stomach, diarrhoea and skin rashes. In that case, that certain healthy food for toddlers actually isn’t good for them even is considered as healthy.

All types of food can be the cause of the food allergy, but the most common are eggs, fish, milk and meat. Toddlers can show different degrees of allergy to different foods. If a toddler shows too much sensitivity to some food, you should completely remove it from the toddler’s menu and contact the doctor. In lighter case, give it initially to the toddler, in very small amounts, then more often until the child’s organism is accustomed completely.

What if a toddler refuses some healthy food?

Do not deny a child the minimum necessary, but don’t burden the child to eat if it refuses. As well as in adults, children sometimes have a great appetite and sometimes they don’t have at all. In other words, a child knows the best whether it is hungry or not. You will not create healthy eating habits in toddlers by ordering when what and how much they should eat! Instead of a ban, offer various food to the toddler, tell it about healthy food through play and examples, and be an example to them.

Mummies, serve a variety of foods and not in the total daily only but also in the individual meal! If you prepare the food in different ways, the child will have a good appetite, will be fed sufficiently, more advanced and healthier. With our care and love, children will be happy!

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