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Which Type of Parents Are You?

permissive, authoritarian and authoritative parents

In pedagogical literature, the most common typology of parents contains three types:

  • authoritative parents,
  • authoritarian parents
  • permissive parents. 

The mentioned typology is created according to how parents and their children distribute the rights and duties between themselves. Authoritarian parents have all rights. Their children only must obey duties these the parent define. In contrast, permissive parents perform all duties and give all rights to children. The third type, authoritative parents, create a balance between rights and duties according to the abilities of children and themselves.

If you want to improve your parenting skills, first you need to know which type of parents you really are. Are you too strict or perhaps too permissive? Which type of parents do you really need to be? This test will give you answers which type of parent you are and description of that type.

1.Your child goes to the bed:
2.Your child refuses salty food for lunch and asks for a dessert persistently. How will you react in that situation?
3.Your child in the play is:
4.How would you react if your child hit another child?
5.How would you react if your child starts to scream in a supermarket in order to buy a toy to him/her?
6.Your child has a home task in fine arts to draw something of his/her choice. He/she doesn’t like to draw and is asking you for help. You will:
7.What compliment would make you the proudest?
8.You are invited to the wedding of your friends. Your child refuses to come with you, so the grandmother is offered to care him/her. You will:
9.Which of the following adages is most similar to your attitudes?
10.Your child has got F in mathematics. You will:

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