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Are you a parent under stress?

under stress? take the test!

Are you a parent under stress? After working hours, do you rush home to achieve housework too? Or, are you a parent who stays at home to care about children and housework, which is often more weighted than being able to refresh your day by some other work? Do you have the feeling that you can’t achieve all duties? Do you care for your children too much? Do you care about money, illness, work or other people? 

In every case, a responsible parent is at a high risk to be the parent under stress. In the new age, this is pronounced especially because of unhealthy nutrition, fast tempo, technology, etc. Because of that, It’s very important to find out if we are and how much we are under stress. Only if we are aware of the fact that we are in the war against stress, we can win. Therefore, if you are a parent, you should do this test about stress. Discover how you deal with everyday stressors and then meet advice how to overcome it

1.I don’t have interest in social activities and hobbies. It looks too hard for me.
2.I don’t know what to do in leisure time.
3.I forget what I started to do and don’t fulfill my plans.
4.I do more jobs than I can finish.
5.I think that the house must be perfectly clean.
6.I feel helpless because of too much works.
7.It’s hard for me to refuse children and partners, even when I think that I’m right.
8.I feel that my appearance isn’t important to me nor to anyone.
9.I feel like I have too little time for myself during the day.
10.I think that others’ opinions are more correct than mine.
11.I think that my family don’t appreciates me enough.
12.I wish I could start life again.
13.I praise myself in front of my friends.
14.I feel anger that I can’t explain.
15.I want to get compliments and praise.
16.I’m in so bad mood to eat.
17.I need coffee or cigarettes because they give me strength.
18.I eat to much and then feel guilty because that.
19.When I’m tired or in bad mood, I need chocolate or some other carbohydrates.
20.I feel nausea or have stomach problems.
21.I have more than 5 meals per day.
22.I have sleeping trouble.
23.I’m waking up earlier than I want.
24.I have nightmares.
25.I feel tired even when I’m sleeping enough.
26.I’m asleep earlier than I want.
27.I need a daily dream.
28.I wake up during the night.
29.I feel like I lost my sense of humor.
30.I feel irritable.
31.I cry but I don’t know why.
32.I’m thinking about the past.
33.I am pessimistic about the future.
34.I feel apathetic.
35.I laugh nervously or without reason.
36.I ignore things that annoyed me.
37.I’m sorry because I become a parent.

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