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Are you a parent under stress?

under stress? take the test!

Are you a parent under stress?

Do you care for your kids too much?

After working hours, do you hurry home to achieve housework too? Or, are you a parent who stays at home to care about kids and housework, which can be more difficult than being able to refresh your day with some other work?

Do you have the feeling that you, as a parent, can’t fulfill all duties? 

Do you care about money, illness, work, or other people? 

Being a parent is the most meaningful thing in life, but it is a huge responsibility also. A responsible parent is at a high risk to be the parent under stress. This is pronounced in the modern age, especially because of unhealthy nutrition, fast tempo, technology, etc.

Due to the effects of stress, It’s very important to find out if we are and how much we are under stress. To win stress, first, you should become aware that you are in a war against it. For that purpose, this test can help you. Therefore, if you are a parent, do this simple and free test about stress. Discover how you deal with everyday stressors and meet tips on how to overcome them. In the end, in the comments, you can share your opinion, experiences, or suggestion. Also, you can ask for help at every moment if you need our support, and that is also free.




1.I don’t have interest in social activities and hobbies. It looks too hard for me.

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