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Attachment Style Test

attachment style test to discover your type of attachment

What is your attachment style? Are you afraid of a relationship with other people or are you make attachments too fast and easily? To discover the answer, take this Attachment Style Test. It will help you to better understand yourself and your interactions with others.

What are Attachment Styles?

According to Bowlby Attachment Theory, an attachment is a behavioural system that is defined as seeking and maintaining closeness to another person. Therefore, an attachment style means a way of seeking and maintaining closeness with another person.

In the psychological literature, there are four attachment styles: secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized. These styles have two dimensions: anxiety (negative model of oneself) and avoidance (negative model of others). Only one of these four styles of attachment prevails in each of us. Which attachment style is characteristic of you depends above all on your relationship with close people in your earliest childhood.What is your attachment style?

If you want to find more about attachments styles and why secure attachment is the most suitable for kids’ healthy development, you should read Types of Attachment. Also, to discover what your attachment style is and advice about it, you should take this simple Attachment Style Test.

Attachment Style Test Guide

Attachment Style Test is very simple. Just sign the answer which describes you the most to get a result.


1.Tag the text that best describes you to get results.

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