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Empathy Test For Kids

empathy test for kids
The empathy test for kids helps to find out how much a kid is able to understand the emotions, thinking, and behavior of other living beings. Since many psychologists consider empathy as goodness, we can describe the empathy test as a test of goodness.

By the way, nowadays, it becomes so important to parents that their kids be smart that many parents even begin to neglect kids’ moral and emotional development. Also, school programs are more oriented on the kids’ education than on their upbringing. A result of that is an increasing number of kids who are smart but also without understanding other people’s feelings. An increasing number of kids even don’t have a feeling to listen to others and help others when needed. It is very important to change this state if we want our kids to live in a healthy and safe society.

The test is simple. Just mark how much you agree with each of the above statements. Then find a result of how much empathy your child has. After that, you can share with us your impressions of the test in the comments or ask us a question if you need help. But, before testing, you should be aware that preschoolers have preoperational thinking which is egocentric. In other words, their empathy just starts to develop. Therefore, this test is primarily intended for older kids, ie kids of school age.

1.My kid really enjoys to take care of other people.

1 out of 27

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  1. My son got above average empathy, which was expected! By it said my child was probably a girl since mostly girls are at that level. Maybe addressing what it’s like for boys who are this in touch with their feelings and other’s feelings would be nice as well. Thank you!

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